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Arpine Maghakyan

Arpine Maghakyan

Security Researcher of RedRays.

[Announcement] We are opening RedRays academy in Yerevan, Armenia

Hi there,
We are glad to announce that we are opening RedRays ACADEMY in Armenia.

Our study program aims to give practice-based learning of information security from introduction to pro. 
The duration of classes is 3 months, 3 times per week.

Who can enroll?
Students and masters.

Start date?
Start on the 15 of January 2k22.

What do you get?
Knowledge of how to find vulnerabilities on any websites

Payment terms
The price is 35k AMD a month.
Up to 100% discounts for some groups of students.

Please send your CV to [email protected] by email with the “ACADEMY” subject.


Introduction to Pentesting
Pentesting Fundamentals
Principles of Security
Testing methodologies

Burp Suite
Burp Suite: The Basics
Burp Suite: Repeater
Burp Suite: Intruder
Burp Suite: Other Modules
Burp Suite: Extender

Introduction to Web Hacking
Walking An Application
Content Discovery
Subdomain Enumeration
Authentication Bypass
File Inclusion
Cross-site Scripting
Command Injection
SQL Injection
Logic vulnerabilities
Other vulnerabilities
Client-Side Attacks

Network Security
Passive Reconnaissance
Active Reconnaissance
Nmap Live Host Discovery
Nmap Basic Port Scans
Nmap Advanced Port Scans
Nmap Post Port Scans
Protocols and Servers
Protocols and Servers 2
Net Sec Challenge

Application security
Android and iOS security
Windows and Linux application hacking


More to explorer

SAP Security For All

RedRays Security Platform for Penetration testers and Bug hunters

The product package is specifically created for cyber security experts who have encountered SAP while participating in bug bounty programs.

RedRays Security Platform for SAP Consultants

The product package is designed for SAP consultants conducting security assessments of SAP ERP systems. We provide essential tools and resources to help professionals in this field conduct their work effectively.

RedRays Security Platform for Enterprises

The product package is specifically optimized to cater to the needs of both small/medium and large companies who are seeking to streamline the process of organizing a comprehensive security system for ERP systems.