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The RedRays Security Platform is a comprehensive solution designed to enhance the security of SAP systems. Developed by experts with over a decade of experience in SAP security, this platform provides an all-in-one solution for protecting your SAP systems from potential threats.

Automatic SAP Services detection

Vulnerability assesment

Vulnerability management

Threat Modeling

Missing Configuration Checks

Outdated Components Check


Seamless integration

The RedRays SAP Security Platform is designed for easy integration and runs on Linux OS using containerization technology with Docker.


The RedRays SAP Security Platform provides users with the ability to effectively manage and take action on vulnerabilities identified in the system, including options to accept the associated risk, increase or decrease the risk level, and more.

Vulnerability management

The RedRays SAP Security Platform allows you to have full control over managing discovered vulnerabilities, including the options to accept the associated risk or adjust the risk level as needed.

RedRays Security Platform key points


SAP NW Version control

SAP Business Object 4.1/4.2/4.3

Over 1200+ vulnerabilities checks

Support for any database

Over 100+ missing configuration checks

Supporting over 30 SAP Services

Report generation PDF, Excel/HTML formats

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