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Secure your company with RedRays, a top provider of security solutions for organizations of all sizes and managed service providers.

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SAP Security Audit

Protect your SAP environment with our expert SAP security audit services. Identify vulnerabilities and fortify your system's defense.

SAP Threat Modelling

Stay ahead of potential threats with our SAP threat modeling solutions. Analyze and mitigate risks to keep your SAP infrastructure secure.

SAP Security Trainings

Empower your team with top-notch SAP security training. Equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to maintain a robust defense against cyber threats.

SAP Certified

RedRays Security Platform forSAP Security

Next-Level SAP Security: Proactive, Intelligent, and Certified

Leveraging over a decade of SAP Security expertise, RedRays Security Platform offers a SAP Certified solution that ensures robust protection for your systems. Our strategic discovery process uncovers and addresses unique security challenges, empowering you to lead in your market with confidence. Experience unparalleled security intelligence tailored to your needs with RedRays.

SAP Security Platform for Penetration testers and Bug hunters

The product package is specifically created for cyber security experts who have encountered SAP while participating in bug bounty programs.

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SAP Security Platform for SAP Consultants

The product package is designed for SAP consultants conducting security assessments of SAP ERP systems. We provide essential tools and resources to help professionals in this field conduct their work effectively.

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SAP Security Platform for Enterprises

The product package is specifically optimized to cater to the needs of both small/medium and large companies who are seeking to streamline the process of organizing a comprehensive security system for ERP systems.

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RedRays' Security Expertise

RedRays has an impressive track record of over 100 comprehensive vulnerability assessments, discovering more than 110 0-days, and identifying over 5000 vulnerabilities on SAP and Oracle ERP systems. Our strategic approach to brand identity, combined with our robust security expertise, makes us leaders in protecting and promoting brands in the digital landscape. We use precise targeting and engagement strategies to ensure that your brand's security and visibility are unmatched.

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Our Security researchers actively participate in global cybersecurity conferences to present their latest research findings on SAP Security. Their contributions to these events demonstrate a commitment to advancing cybersecurity solutions and knowledge.

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