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Hybrid SAP Penetration Testing by RedRays

A Revolutionary Approach to SAP System Security

RedRays introduces a groundbreaking solution for companies conducting SAP system penetration tests. Our hybrid approach combines the power of automated scanning using the RedRays Security Platform with the expertise of your penetration testing team, ensuring unparalleled depth and efficiency in testing.

What is a Hybrid SAP Pentest?

A Hybrid SAP Pentest is an innovative service that integrates automated scanning of SAP systems using our advanced platform with expert analysis of discovered vulnerabilities. This approach allows for quick and efficient identification of potential security threats, providing your penetration testing team with detailed information for further investigation and exploitation of vulnerabilities.

By leveraging both automated tools and human expertise, the Hybrid SAP Pentest offers a comprehensive and nuanced approach to SAP security assessment. It bridges the gap between high-speed automated scans and in-depth manual analysis, giving your team a solid foundation for thorough and effective penetration testing.

How It Works?

Step 1
Initial Contact

The partner or client reaches out to RedRays to initiate a Hybrid Penetration Testing engagement.

Step 2
NDA Signing

We prioritize confidentiality. The first formal step is signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect all parties involved.

Step 3
Scope Definition

We arrange a brief call to determine the scope of work, ensuring we understand your specific needs and objectives.

Step 4
Contract Signing

Once the scope is clear, we formalize our agreement by signing the necessary contracts.

Step 5
SAP System Scanning

RedRays conducts a comprehensive scan of the unlimited SAP systems using our advanced, SAP-certified security platform at a fixed price. 

Step 6
Vulnerability Validation

Our experts meticulously validate the identified vulnerabilities to ensure accuracy and relevance.

Step 7
Comprehensive Report Creation

RedRays prepares a detailed report outlining:

  • Discovered vulnerabilities
  • Steps for further vulnerability escalation
  • Recommendations for in-depth SAP security research
Step 8
Report Delivery

The final report is securely delivered to the client or partner, providing a solid foundation for further penetration testing efforts.

Throughout this process, RedRays combines automated precision with expert analysis, offering you:

  • Time-efficient vulnerability discovery
  • Expert insights into SAP-specific security issues
  • A clear roadmap for comprehensive security testing

Advantages of the Hybrid Approach

  • Time Savings: Significantly reduces time spent on initial scanning and vulnerability discovery.
  • Increased Efficiency: Allows focus on the most critical vulnerabilities.
  • Expert Support: Receive recommendations from SAP security specialists with 15 years of experience.
  • Enhanced Service Quality: Offer your clients a deeper, more comprehensive analysis of their SAP systems.
  • Competitive Edge: Stand out in the market by using cutting-edge technology combined with expert analysis.

Who This Solution Is For?

  • Companies specializing in pentesting but lacking deep SAP expertise
  • Freelance pentesters looking to expand their service offerings
  • Companies aiming to optimize their SAP system pentesting process

Why Choose RedRays?

  • Experience: Over 15 years of specialization in SAP system security
  • Innovation: Proprietary SAP-certified platform for vulnerability assessment
  • Expertise: Discovery of over 110 0-day vulnerabilities and identification of 99% of vulnerabilities that fixed by SAP since 2010.
  • Recognition: Our experts regularly speak at international security conferences

Ready to elevate your SAP pentests to the next level? 
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