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About RedRays

About RedRays

 The main goal of RedRays is to narrow the security gap in both the technical and business realms. The company offers solutions to examine and protect SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft ERP systems against cyberattacks and internal fraud.
Typically, our customers are big organizations and managed service providers whose needs include the active monitoring and management of security across extensive SAP environments worldwide.

RedRays R&D

  The company’s competence is founded on RedRays’ research section, which specializes in vulnerability research and analysis of essential corporate applications. It has received several accolades from major software companies, including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, and IBM.

    Experts from RedRays have been asked to lecture, present, and train at major international security conferences on all continents.

    We have highly skilled professionals on staff that have expertise in a wide range of security domains, from online applications and mobile/embedded systems to reverse engineering and ICS/SCADA systems, and who have pooled their knowledge to undertake the greatest SAP security research.


RedRays Security Platform

  RedRays delivers unrivaled vulnerability management tools for identifying all problems and events. The RedRays Security Platform has modules covering all major enterprise security topics specified in the Gartner PPDR and SAP Cybersecurity Framework.
Each module is tailored to the individual requirements of certain vocations. Furthermore, the platform interface makes them simpler to use and improves the overall effectiveness of security operations.


  • Detect zero-day and one-day attacks.
  • Examine user behavior for abnormalities.


  • Recognize your assets
  • Plan security checks
  • Determine vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and concerns with customization.


  • Examine conformity
  • High-level role-tailored dashboards are used to assess security posture.
  • Use the search engine to get all of the relevant security information.


  • Get notifications
  • In external Incident and Task Management systems, create incidents.

Key benefits:

  • Carry out industry-specific inspections
  • Cover all aspects of SAP security and report to management on the security posture.
  • Save time and money by lowering your compliance expenses.
  • Make vulnerability management easier.