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About Us

At RedRays, we believe in the power of collaborative relationships for mutual prosperity. We’re determined to deliver a partner program that’s both uncomplicated and profitable. We’re keen to receive partner feedback and we actively collaborate with our dynamic partner community to refine and enhance our program, catering to both partners’ and clients’ needs.

Our program is crafted to be easy-to-navigate with simple procedures and tools, making working with us an effortless process. We ensure transparent engagement rules and superior support, allowing our partners to focus on developing an expertise center around our state-of-the-art security solutions. With our advanced technology and a vast market scope, revenue generation becomes more predictable and returns on investment are instantaneous. Come, join us in the journey of mutual growth through collaboration.

Technological Advantages

— Minimize educational expenses by leveraging the world’s largest database developed by information security professionals and SAP experts. This knowledge base simplifies the understanding of discovered security threats and their solutions, making it accessible even for SAP newcomers. 

— Streamline processes by detecting over 1000 configuration issues and more than 2000 vulnerabilities across numerous SAP platforms (ABAP, JAVA, HANA), and systems. 

— Spot weak passwords and execute multi-tier attacks and post-exploitation procedures;

Commercial Benefits

— Save valuable time by completing a comprehensive system analysis within an hour or quickly scanning for major issues within minutes. 

— We offer free SAP Security training to selected partners. 

— Our license model is flexible and can be adapted according to your needs.