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Arpine Maghakyan

Arpine Maghakyan

Security Researcher of RedRays.

CVE-2020-6207 Missing Authentication Check in SAP Solution Manager, SAP security note 2890213


UPDATE 9th March 2021: This note has been re-released with updated  ‘Symptom’ information. Customers need to be on SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Support Package Stack 4 to 11 to implement the required patch. Lower Support Package Stacks are not supported. Support Package Stack 12 and higher contain the correction, no action is required.

UPDATE 10th November 2020: This note has been re-released with updated  ‘Support Packages & Patches’ information. For the release SOLMANDIAG 720, we added SP011 and the Patch level 000004.

UPDATE 25th August 2020: This note has been re-released with updated ‘Symptom’,‘Solution’ information. We made few minor textual changes in the sections mentioned. There have not been any changes done which require customer action.

SAP Solution Manager User-Experience Monitoring does not perform any authentication for a service resulting in complete compromise of all SMDAgents connected to the Solution Manager.

Available fix and Supported packages

  • LM-SERVICE | 7.20 | 7.20
  • SOLMANDIAG 720 | SP004 | 000012
  • SOLMANDIAG 720 | SP005 | 000013
  • SOLMANDIAG 720 | SP006 | 000014
  • SOLMANDIAG 720 | SP007 | 000020
  • SOLMANDIAG 720 | SP008 | 000016
  • SOLMANDIAG 720 | SP009 | 000008
  • SOLMANDIAG 720 | SP010 | 000002
  • SOLMANDIAG 720 | SP011 | 000004

Affected component

    End User Experience Monitoring


Score: 10.0


Detailed vulnerability information added to RedRays Security Platform. Contact [email protected] for details.




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