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Press release: RedRays discovered major cybersecurity leak affects 4800 domains

Yerevan, 4 June 2023 – RedRays, a cybersecurity provider specializing in the protection of ERP systems, has recently made a disturbing discovery. Through meticulous analysis of the dark web and investigation, RedRays has unveiled statistics regarding the breach’s reach across various domains and systems for over 4800 companies worldwide.

The origin of these user credentials remains uncertain; however, there are suspicions that a large-scale phishing or malware attacks could be the source.

Affected Domains: RedRays’ investigation has identified an astounding total of 4,895 companies worlwide that have experienced two or more leaked user information (url:username:passwords). Among these, 368 domains have  affecting 10 or more users/passwords, while 26 domains have seen 100 or more compromised user accounts (username/passwords).

Impacted Systems: The breach has not spared critical systems, with notable entities such as top cryptocurrency exchanges experiencing unauthorized access to usernames and passwords. Additionally, over 1,800 Google accounts and 232 domains within the .gov domain space have fallen victim to this breach, posing a significant threat to government entities.

Enterprise Software Users: Disturbingly, more than 2,000 users of SAP, Oracle, and WebSphere software have been impacted by this breach. RedRays’ customers have confirmed the validity of these affected user accounts within their respective systems.

Banking Sector: The breach has also affected over 100 banking institutions, raising concerns over the security of financial systems and customer data.

RedRays urges organizations and individuals to take immediate and comprehensive measures to fortify their cybersecurity defenses. It is imperative to implement robust security protocols, conduct thorough vulnerability assessments, and reinforce employee awareness through regular training programs.

As the Chief Technology Officer of RedRays, Vahagn emphasizes the seriousness of this breach and the importance of proactive cybersecurity measures. 

We are deeply concerned about the scale of this breach and its potential impact on organizations and individuals. It is crucial for everyone to take immediate action to protect their critical systems and sensitive information” stated Vahagn.

For more information or assistance, please contact RedRays’ dedicated support team at [email protected].

Update 1: You can use the domain for checking the domain name and leaked users count. You should write the full domain name. As this is the first version, you will see the first result from the database. 

About RedRays:

RedRays is a cybersecurity company specializing in the protection of ERP systems from both external cyber threats and internal fraud. With its state-of-the-art tools and methodologies, RedRays actively monitors and manages security across extensive SAP environments worldwide. The company is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of security while delivering exceptional customer service and support.

Press Contact:
[email protected]

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