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Selecting the Right Method to Identify SAP Vulnerabilities: SAP Vulnerability Assessments, SAP Security Audits, or SAP Penetration Testings?

Understanding and addressing potential risks in SAP environments is a key part of SAP security strategy. There are various ways to evaluate risk and expose vulnerabilities in SAP systems. With numerous options available, staying current with the latest capabilities and industry best practices can be challenging. These methods range from conducting vulnerability assessments and audits to executing penetration tests. The best approach for identifying vulnerabilities hinges on your specific business needs and security protocols, each with its own focus and application for assessing the security status of your SAP system landscape. Here are three recommended methods to enhance SAP security:

SAP Vulnerability Assessment

Uncovering Existing Vulnerabilities – This method, also known as a vulnerability assessment, automatically or semi-automatically scans SAP systems for recognized vulnerabilities. The results are presented in a table format, detailing security-relevant parameters from the SAP application server. However, it’s important to note that this scan does not confirm if the identified vulnerabilities are exploitable, unlike a penetration test. Some findings may be false positives, meaning they don’t pose a real risk in the current system context. Regular vulnerability scans are crucial for maintaining robust overall information security. They help detect issues such as incorrect parameter settings, missing patches, outdated logs, and expired certificates and services. Automated and periodic scans are considered best practices for a proactive security approach.

SAP Vulnerability Audit

In-depth Analysis of Security & Compliance – This comprehensive review provides a detailed overview of the security posture across SAP systems and related processes within the organization. It offers a more thorough examination compared to vulnerability scans. This audit evaluates physical aspects like network architecture, operating platform security, and application server security. It also includes reviewing and testing current security concepts, such as SAP authorizations and emergency user access handling. The systematic approach of an audit includes a vulnerability scan, but the specific system environment context eliminates any false positives. As a result, the recommendations for safeguarding SAP systems are more comprehensive and insightful than a vulnerability scan report alone. Audits are particularly beneficial during initial preparation, after hardening measures, and during system or platform migrations.

SAP Penetration Test

Uncovering Vulnerabilities Through Simulated Attacks – This method aims to actively exploit SAP vulnerabilities within the system environment. Unlike vulnerability scans, penetration tests require specialized expertise and tools from various domains. They involve careful planning, defining the methods and tools used, and setting specific goals. The primary objective is to identify insecure business processes, missing security settings, configurations, or patches, and other vulnerabilities that attackers could exploit. The effectiveness of this test largely depends on the tester.

SAP Security with RedRays

Every level of testing, from analyzing vulnerabilities to conducting thorough penetration tests, is crucial to a complete security plan. However, the complexity of SAP applications makes it difficult to consistently follow top security procedures. The sheer quantity of logs produced is too large to be examined manually. RedRays provides a range of solutions for automated scanning and threat detection, which include:

In addition, we offer managed security services. Our SAP security consultants will identify any vulnerabilities and secure your SAP systems using the most effective strategy based on your distinct business challenges. This package includes not just the service but also the accompanying software. Our clients receive everything from the same source: software, consulting, service, and experienced professionals in security and compliance who can work both remotely and on-site. Moreover, no software licensing is needed during the test period, making it a convenient and efficient solution for your SAP security needs.

RedRays assists you in planning and implementing a tailored SAP security assessment that suits your organization’s unique business and security requirements.

Reach out to us today for more information.

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