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Arpine Maghakyan

Arpine Maghakyan

Security Researcher of RedRays.

RedRays will present their cutting-edge ERP security research at the Hack in Paris Conference.

As technology advances, protecting enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems becomes more and more crucial. RedRays, a reputable ERP cybersecurity expert, will be sharing their latest discoveries on significant vulnerabilities found in major ERP systems at the Hack in Paris conference on September 28.

Unveiling Critical Vulnerabilities in ERP Systems

Our diligent research team, under the guidance of reputable experts, has been tirelessly working to identify vulnerabilities in systems such as SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft ERP. At the Hack in Paris conference in France, we will be sharing our findings on significant vulnerabilities and offering solutions for businesses to mitigate them, safeguarding their mission-critical applications.

Join Us for an Eye-Opening Session on September 28

The Hack in Paris conference gathers some of the most brilliant minds in the cybersecurity industry. Attendees can gain firsthand knowledge about our research, as our session will delve deep into the vulnerabilities found in important ERP applications. We will also demonstrate the potential risks that these vulnerabilities pose to businesses globally.

Why This Research Matters

Many enterprises rely on ERP systems to manage important business processes and operations. Unfortunately, these systems are often neglected when it comes to security, leaving them open to potential threats from both outside and within the organization. Our research is designed to highlight these vulnerabilities, providing businesses with the knowledge and guidance they need to protect their systems effectively.

RedRays’ Commitment to Excellence

RedRays is committed to safeguarding your enterprise’s assets with cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. Our proactive approach to research and development enables us to develop customized solutions that keep you one step ahead of potential threats. Our expertise is demonstrated by our regular invitations to speak at prominent global security conferences, which highlight our technical prowess and industry recognition.

Join Us in Our Mission on September 28 at Hack in Paris

We invite you to join us at the Hack in Paris conference and gain insights into the world of ERP security. Together, we can work towards creating a safer digital landscape for businesses everywhere.

About RedRays R&D

RedRays is a cybersecurity company that protects ERP systems from external threats and internal fraud. We provide comprehensive security solutions for large organizations and managed service providers using SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft ERP systems. Our team of experts specializes in vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, and SAP Security audits. We conduct rigorous research to provide cutting-edge solutions that safeguard your systems against evolving threats.

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