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Unauthorized modification of stored content in Web Dynpro, SAP security note 1600158


Web Dynpro for Java based application can be abused by a malicious user, allowing them to modify application content, persist the modified content without authorization, and to potentially obtain authentica-tion information from other legitimate users.

Available fix and Supported packages

  • WD-RUNTIME | 7.30 | 7.30
  • WEB DYNPRO RUNTIME 7.30 | SP001 | 000006
  • WEB DYNPRO RUNTIME 7.30 | SP002 | 000006
  • WEB DYNPRO RUNTIME 7.30 | SP003 | 000001
  • WEB DYNPRO RUNTIME 7.30 | SP004 | 000000

Affected component

    WebDynpro Java


Score: 0


Detailed vulnerability information added to RedRays Security Platform. Contact [email protected] for details.




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