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RedRays Security Platform

RedRays Security Platform Overview

SAP Certified

Port scanning

We make finding vulnerabilities easier with automated scanning of SAP and Oracle services.

SAP Certified

Vulnerability assessment

Our worry-free testing searches for more than 1000 known vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability management

Enjoy the flexibility of our vulnerability management that enables you to accept risk or change the severity.

SAP Certified

Missing configuration check

Rest assured that our service also checks for more than 100 misconfigurations of SAP systems, too.

SAP Certified

Outdated component check

Also, service checks for more than 250 outdated ABAP of SAP systems.

Multiformat report generation

Experience the convenience of our technical report generation in HTML/ PDF/CSV formats.

Remediation support

Have the peace of mind of having 24/7 support to any urgent queries on top of remediation recommendations for security issues.

RedRays SAP Security DEMO Tool

The Demo tool you can use to scan missing configuration for your SAP NetWeaver ABAP server

Password policy

Our Demo Tool probes for a lock timeframe, a password's complexity, its resistance against brute-force attacks, and more.

SAP gateway

Our Demo Tool checks the configuration of SAPs main component, the SAP gateway. The misconfiguration of this service can lead to all of your systems within the landscape being compromised.

SAP GUI configuration

Our Demo Tool reviews SAP GUI, which is the main application when working with SAP systems