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Arpine Maghakyan

Arpine Maghakyan

Security Researcher of RedRays.

Missing authorization check in FI-AP-AP-B1, SAP security note 2219924


An authenticated user can use functions of FI-AP-AP-B1 to which access should be restricted. This may result in an escalation of privileges.

CVSS Information

CVSS Base Score: 4.0 / 10
CVSS Base Vector:

AV : Access Vector (Related exploit range)

Network (N)

AC : Access Complexity (Required attack complexity)

Low (L)

Au : Authentication (Level of authentication needed to exploit)

Single (S)

C : Impact to Confidentiality

Partial (P)

I : Impact to Integrity

None (N)

A : Impact to Availability

None (N)

SAP provides this CVSS base score as an estimate of the risk posed by the issue reported in this note. This estimate does not take into account your own system configuration or operational environment. It is not intended to replace any risk assessments you are advised to conduct when deciding on the applicability or priority of this SAP security note. For more information, see the FAQ section at

Available fix and Supported packages

  • SAP_APPL | 46C | 46C
  • SAP_APPL | 470 | 470
  • SAP_APPL | 500 | 500
  • SAP_APPL 46C | SAPKH46C66 |
  • SAP_APPL 470 | SAPKH47040 |
  • SAP_APPL 500 | SAPKH50029 |

Affected component

    Payment transfer (w/o DE, US)


Score: 0


Exploit is not available.
For detailed information please contact the mail [email protected]




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